Menu Plan: 01/10 – 01/16/10


It’s not only a new week, but it’s definitely a Monday.  But, the good news is that I’m getting a chance to have a baking day and get a few breakfast foods made up to go in the freezer for the kids to grab in the mornings.  I’ve not gotten a chance to do this in a while and my poor freezer shows it.  But, I’ve also got to get a menu plan going again.  It’s really hurting the budget not having a plan in place.  The other key will be to keep everyone well so I don’t have to change it around! LOL

I’m also going to be planning lots of soups and stews over the next several weeks – (1) because we love soups and stews, especially in cold weather and (2) to help keep food costs down.  Soups and stews are a good way to stretch your food and your budget and keep costs down, plus you’re able to feed more people just by adding a few extra veggies (and sometimes just a tad more liquid).




  • sandwiches
  • leftovers
  • fruit
  • pretzels


We should have leftovers 3 of those nights, so I may end up dropping the spaghetti.   We’ll see how the week goes!   

Don’t forget to check out Organizing Junkie for more great menus this week!

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