Follow Up To My Homemade Detergent


After 18 months, I am finally ready to post an update to my very first batch of homemade detergent.  I am very pleased with the results and have already mixed and started using my second batch! 

With that being said, we found that with our front loading washing machine we could actually cut the amount needed per load in half and still get clothes clean.  Heavily soiled still required the 1/4 cup but every day clothes could use half (1/8 cup)! That means that my estimated savings drastically increased! 

I originally state that my cost was $2.50/10 gallons of detergent (approx. 640 loads for my front loader) and the cost was $0.04/load. Well, that is now approximately 1,000 loads and $0.002/load!! 

Recalculated savings: 

Gain Detergent: Approx. $205/18 months or $0.25/load
Homemade detergent: $2.50/18 months or $0.002/load
Savings: $202.50/year or $0.248/load

How’s that for savings?!

So what are you waiting for?  Go mix up your first batch of detergent right now and start seeing huge savings + get clean, fresh-smelling clothes for next to nothing!


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