Finding Contement……..Again

I’m a little late posting this, but here it is anywhere. 

Our Sunday School lesson this past week was on money.  No, not about tithes, but about finding contentment in what you have.   Brian and I were talking on the way home from church and we both realized that we were losing sight of that contentment and really needed to find it again!  It’s amazing how, when things start getting tight money-wise you starting losing sight of what’s really important, of all the blessings that God has continued to bless you with.  So, that’s what we’re doing. 

We’ve really been discussing a lot of what we want to do, but have not really been giving thanks for all that we’re able to do!  So, yes, my “toes” are very sore today, but that’s okay.  I really needed that reminder.  God is truly an awesome God and knows what we’re going through and will be going through long before we do, and He’s already provided!  I just have to remember to give thanks and wait patiently!  He’s in control and that’s how I like it!  Thank you God for loving me enough to remind me when I start acting like a spoiled child at times, I really need to starting acting like an adult, and a child of God.  Yes, the lessons may hurt, but not for long.  It’s the gentle reminder I needed! 

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2 thoughts on “Finding Contement……..Again

  1. This is so true! When I get whiny about what I don't have, God quickly brings me back to the reality of what I DO have! When you see the TV ads, you think you're living without but the reality is, you've got it better than so many other families out there. At a small Christian community class, we read a story about a man who was sitting on a dock, chatting and enjoying life with his fellow fishermen. He had caught what he needed for the day and sold his fish at market as was the same for his friends. A man came along and asked him why he wasn't out fishing some more. When the fisherman asked why he should fish more, the man said so he could make more money. Again, the fisherman asked why he needed more money to which the man said, to buy more equipment to fish more. Again, the fisherman asked why he had to fish more. The man went on to tell him that if he got more fish, he could make more money to buy more equipment to catch more fish and then he could buy another boat and hire a man to help him catch more fish to which he'd get more money and if he worked hard, before he knew it he'd be rich and have lots of money.The fisherman looked at him and said, "What would I do when I was rich?"The man said, "Well, you could sit back here on the dock, relax with your friends and enjoy life!"The fisherman looked at him and said, "You mean just like I'm doing right now?"As I've shared on my blog, Cheryl Crow is so right when she sings, "It's not having what you want…it's wanting what you've got…"


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