How much can you get for $0.21 at Staples?


Staples Deals

How about $117.45 worth of school supplies?  Yep, you’re reading that right!  I walked out of Staples yesterday paying ONLY $0.21!!!! Would you like to know what all I bought & how I got my price down that low?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Here’s what I bought:

Three 1 1/2-inch binders (buy 2 get 1 free) (**FYI:  These are the really good heavy duty notebooks – not the really cheap ones.  We have found that these will last a lot longer than 1 year of school so well worth the $$**)

Five  1-inch binders (*buy 2 get 1 free – meant to get 6 but that’s what shopping with your kids will do – you lose count!)

one 500 count lined index cards

2 packs of arrowhead erasers

2 packs of post-it notes

2 packs of Stickies Flags

6 composition notebooks

one 3-hole punch

1 pack dry eraser markers

2 packs jumbo paper clips (100 count each)

2 notepads

1 Back To School Savings Card


Retail price:                                      $117.45

Sales:                                                  -$32.40

BTS Card Discount:                        -$11.26

Reward Coupons:                          -$73.60

Subtotal:                                             $0.19

Tax:                                                        $0.02

Grand Total:                        $0.21


I’m not a shopper by nature, but I do LOVE this kind of shopping!  I will say that I had been saving my Staples Rewards for this, so that really helped out a lot. I won’t be able to duplicate this again, but shopping the sales & using the BTS savings card really helps out.  You get an extra 15% off ALL school supplies (excluding things like computers). 

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