Our 2011-2012 School Year Is Off and Running!

The school year is off and running for us as of last week.  I’m not sure who’s been more excited this year – me or the kids!!!  Even with lots of unexpected things coming up that are constantly changing our plans this school year, we’re still managing to get off the ground and get going.  I know every family is different, but I thought I would give some insight into how we have chosen to homeschool at this time.  Keep in mind that one of the keys to successful homeschooling is just like anything else in life – FLEXIBILITY!! 

With Brian also starting to swing shifts at the same time that we chose to start back to school, this is one of the variables that has made things “interesting” for us!  And it just goes to show that being flexible is a “must”.  While he’s on 3rd shift, we are staying up a bit later than normal so that the kids, especially, are still asleep when he gets home and the house is nice & quiet for him.  Once we start waking up, we eat, do any morning chores that need to be done, & then get started on our school work.  When he’s on 2nd shift & 1st shift, things will pretty much be the same.  We’ll be in bed earlier, get up & start our morning earlier, and, hopefully, get done with our school work earlier in the day. 

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This year, we are choosing to do things a little differently.  Our kids have asked that instead of doing a little bit of each subject every day, we spend each school day focusing on certain core subjects.  So, we will focusing on the following subjects two days each week with “homework” in between those days as well as dealing with any questions/concerns that come in in between those “focus” days:  Math, Science, English, History, & Bible for each of our children. 

Here’s what we’ll do:  Let’s take Tuesday, for example.  On Tuesday we will be covering English/Language Arts & History.  These will be our main focus with plenty of time to to also work on “homework” assignments for Math, Science, Bible, etc.   We will spend a good portion of our time going over our focal subjects & then we’ll focus on the “homework” from the subjects that are not our focus for that particular day.   So, everything is covered, but not as much pressure to get EVERYTHING covered & done!  Does that make sense?  For example, We also left Wednesdays as a “light” day for us since we also have AWANA that night at church. 

So far, this is working really well, but the year’s just starting.  And I love seeing my children setting around the table working, learning, enjoying being together, and, at times, laughing.    I’m so blessed, and I’m thankful that my heavenly Father continues to bless me through my family!  We’re looking forward to a fun & educational school year this year! I hope are, too!

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