Canning Chicken Stock & Chicken

6 pints canned chicken broth & 2 pints canned chicken (*All jars canned according to Ball Blue Book Guidelines)

6 pints canned chicken broth & 2 pints canned chicken
(**All jars canned according to Ball Blue Book Guidelines**)

I had cooked some chicken a couple of nights ago to be used to make some BBQ chicken.  Of course, I saved the stock I cooked it in. (I’m not about to waste some delicious stock!)  So, yesterday evening, after I was done with my running for the day, I brought my stock back out and started heating it up to can.  I also saved some of the chicken to do a trial of canning chicken.   It’s something that I’ve been wanting to try, but just had not gotten around to it yet. It also gave me another chance to use some of my wonderful Tattler Lids!  I love how they look, don’t you?  And, knowing that they are reusable makes me very happy!

And, since I had the canner going, I also added a few pints of water to make a full run.  Why can water?  Well, in cases of emergency, we would have sterile water to use for drinking, cooking with, brushing teeth, etc.  This jars will also be rotated out.  I used jars that were already empty and just waiting for canning season to go into full swing.  What happens if I need those jars?  Well, then I can use the water to water plants, give to the pets, drink, etc., and use the jars for my canning needs.  I also used “used,” clean, seals for the water – no new seals, since it’s not food that I’m worried about keeping for at least a year.  I have to admit that it looks a little odd seeing water in jars all canned up, but it’s actually very pretty, and it’s nice to know that the water in the jars is consumable in an emergency.

Next up on my canning agenda……. I’ve got beef bones & chicken backs/necks that I need to turn into stock.  Maybe I can get started on that this weekend…..


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