Snow Day 02/12/2014 & A Little Talk About Emergency Preparedness

Snow Day 02/13/14

Snow Day 02/13/14

It’s actually pretty rare that we get any snow worth writing about in our area, but we did last week.  And, it was beautiful!  Everything was quiet, white, & clear!

We did not get all of the ice that other areas received, and we didn’t lose power what we were afraid we would, but it did make me painfully aware of areas of my pantry that are definitely lacking in case of an emergency.  (Remember, a pantry consists of the items that you would need to make it through our daily routines.  It’s not just food, but toiletries, canning supplies, dish detergent, heating supplies, batteries, flashlights, etc.)


Snow Day 02/13/14

Snow Day 02/13/14

Here are a few of the items that I discovered that I definitely need to add to my pantry as money allows:

* flashlights

*batteries (all sizes)

*2-4 more oil lamps (not only do these provide lighting, but a small amount of heat, as well)

*Lamp oil

*extra oil lamp wicks

Snow Day 02/13/14

Snow Day 02/13/14

*water!!! (potable & nonpotable)


Again, we were very blessed to not lose power more than an hour or so a couple of times, but we may not be so fortunate next time.  And, now we have tornado season looming in the not-so-distant future.  I want to make sure that I take this time of awareness and start plugging the “holes” that need to be fixed.  Some can be done fairly quickly & are not too expensive.  Others will take more time since they are more costly up front.

There are other areas of my pantry that I do need to build up, but I’ll address that at another time.

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