Gifts For Cooks Under $10

I love to cook and bake. My favorite place is to be in the kitchen cooking meals for my family. And I’m always looking for new gadgets or replacement utensils for my kitchen. I’m sure that there are many of you out there that also have cooks/bakers on your gift lists and you’re not sure what to buy for them, so I thought I’d give you a few ideas:

Wooden Spoons – I love wooden spoons, and good ones are hard to come by. I love the ones that have a good thick, long handle on them so that I can use them in stock pots.

Whisk – I have varying sizes of whisks and use them all of the time. But, there are a lot of days that I wish I had more than 1 of my smaller one. Those really come in handy when needing to whisk small amounts of something. Yes, I know you can use a fork, but a whisk is more fun.

Measuring Cups/Spoons – As every good cook knows, you can never have enough measuring utensils. When I’m giving some as gifts, I like to look for some that I would use, but also look for some that are seasonal. It makes cooking that much more fun when you’re using fun utensils.

Bamboo Utensils – This is another great idea. Yes, it’s similar to the wooden spoons, but these are actually a lot better and last longer

Scraper – I use mine all of the time for things such as scooping up lots of chopped veggies to scraping up bits of dough off of my mat after making breads.

Silicone Spatulas or Spoonulas – This is another item that I know I use all of the time and I’m convinced that you can never have enough of. When I have a big baking day, I always seem to run out of them, even when I’m washing and reusing them.

Serving Platters – I love to use nice platters when I’m having a get-together. Even though they are usually casual, it makes it feel more special.  It makes my guests feel more special. 

Cookie Cutters – If you know someone who likes to bake cookies, try finding a nice set of cookie cutters.

Apron – An apron is a must have for any serious cook/baker. You can find a plain white or colored apron for just a few dollars, and you can get some fabric paint and dress it up a bit. Or buy some fabric paint and have the grandkids make grandma/grandpa a personalized apron with their handprints, and you could write their name, date, and age below them.

Pot Holders – These can be found very reasonably priced or, if you sew or quilt, you could even make some! Just another item in the kitchen that you can never have enough of. 

Dish Towels – My towels have been well loved over the years and are really beginning to show it. New towels are always welcome in my kitchen, and I’m sure your cook/baker will feel the same way!

Baking Basket – put together a basket of their favorite cooking ingredients such as a box of cake or brownie mix, sprinkles, box of powdered sugar, a spoon or spatula, cupcake liners.

Dinner Basket – Put together an Italian dinner basket. You could include a box of pasta, sauce, garlic bread, and bagged salad mix, and a bottle of favorite dressing.

Here are just a few ideas to help you find that special cook/baker on your list something nice! Hope this gives you some great ideas!

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